Welcome to Homestead Horselogging

Homestead Horselogging offers an environmentally sensitive method of timber extraction and forest management. We use a wide range of equipment which creates minimal damage to the forest and the surrounding environment.

Our aim at Homestead Horselogging is to provide woodland owners with a unique service for managing their woodland. We work in a commercially viable, efficient and environmentally sensitive manner.

Most of all, we want to help improve Britain’s forests and play our role in restoring and maintaining woodlands as healthy and productive resources.

We use a range of modern day equipment (i.e. forwarder trailer, pulley system) alongside the traditional methods of extraction by skidding and timber arch. As a result this allows us to be comparative and competitive within todays small scale forestry operations.

We are an official contractor for the British Horse Loggers, follow this link to learn more: BHL

The advantages of horse logging are:
  • Horses cause no damage to surrounding trees, rivers or the environment and excel on steep, challenging terrain, therefore they have an excellent ability to work selectively within woodlands
  • We can work safely within high public use woodlands and recreational areas
  • Due to our adaptability there is no need for creation of access roads
  • Horse logging causes minimal soil compaction and damage to understories. Consequently, this allows us to work on SSSI’s, Historic sites and within ancient woodlands.
  • We can extract by skidding, forwarding or using a pulley system which allows us to work in most environments and conditions
  • Brash can be stacked for habitat creation or cleared to leave a tidy usable woodland

Homestead Horselogging have worked throughout the UK. We have carried out a wide range of contracts which include second thinnings for the Forestry Commission at Glentress and helping to clear out windblow and scrub for the restoration of a Japanese garden at Cowden Castle, Alloa. We have also completed a specialist removal of a veteran tree from Dean Village (Edinburgh). Visit our gallery to see our recent work.

Visit our services page for a list of the services that we offer and for details of pervious work.